Why You Should Try Road Trip in Canada


When you are looking for which place that could be the right choice for road trip, Canada is the answer. Why you should try road trip in Canada? The term road trip may already be familiar to you. Yes, road trip is a term used for holiday travel by car. Although it sounds fun, but there are still many people who think that vacationing in this way is less effective. The reasons also vary, ranging in terms of time, energy, to a variety of other concerns. One of the excitements that you can get from this kind of travel is unlimited exploration. It’s different if you use public transportation such as trains or planes. By road trip, you can stop wherever and whenever you like. You can use your own care or try to rent car in enterprise aeroport Montreal.


Free to go anywhere

When you have already got the car, you can start planning where to go so you will know why you should do road trip in Canada. The potential to explore more than one place will certainly be much greater. As the we said before, doing a road trip, means you will be more free to explore not only your destination, but also places that you might not have planned before. For example, you are passing through an area. Along the way, you see various local tourist destination banners which are too bad to miss. Without twice thinking, you and your family can immediately turn to the tourist attractions. It’s really fun! Moreover, it is Canada. You can find many things and destinations that will make you mind-blown.


Natural heaven in Canada

When people hear Canada, they must remember Niagara. It is not only about Niagara, you can also visit various cities that offer interesting experiences. There are at least three major destinations you can try.

  • Toronto

The largest city in Canada, Toronto comes with a metropolis feel. Here you can visit various small regions representing various parts of the world such as Greek Town, Little Italy, Koreatown and Chinatown.

  • Quebec and Montreal

They are thick with European elements, not only French is used here, the buildings are European. In Quebec you can find many magnificent castles and beautiful forts. Battlefields Park, Montmorency Falls Park, and Old Quebec are three places that you must visit. Turning to Montreal, make sure to visit Old Montreal, the Montreal Botanical Gardens and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are included in the list of destinations.

  • Vancouver

Don’t forget Vancouver, a city in the Province of British Columbia which is also a metropolitan city. Here you can find a variety of beautiful parks, mountains, as well as attractive beaches to visit.

Besides natural heaven you can find in Canada, you can also see historical things in old city. You can also learn local cultures and more. Remember, those places are worth for road trip. Don’t try to go by plane if you want to enjoy all of them. Natural and historical sight will be much missed when you go vacation in Canada by plane.