Spyware Tips

Regardless of what your rights are as an individual or how prideful you are about the skills you have while on your computer or surfing the internet the fact is that you are at risk for spyware and adware every time you log on. There is no one way to avoid the harmful, and more importantly, freakishly annoying spyware programs that cause you to have more pop-ups than a “Puff the Magic Dragon” story book. Instead, you should constantly be aware of what is on your computer and how to keep your computer in the best possible condition. If you don’t know how to do that than you need to have no fear, the following is a few things to keep checking on your computer to prevent spyware.

* One way to tell if you have spyware running on your computer that you are unaware of is if you keep having pop-ups jump up without even being in internet explorer or the like. Everybody that has a DSL or high-speed connection now knows that you are constantly connected to the internet whether you want to or not so you must protect against this. Even though you are always on you shouldn’t have pop-ups on your computer unless you are surfing the net at that particular time. Otherwise, you most definitely have spyware on your computer and you should find it right away!

* If you look at the bottom right corner of your computer screen you will see several icons that represent the startup buttons for your computer. These programs are constantly running whether you actually opened them up or not so if one is there that is unknown it is likely a spyware program. This can be particularly harmful to your computer because it will take up a pretty good deal of memory and freeze up your PC.

* We all like to start on our favorite webpage when we fire up the browser of our choice, whether it is where we get our email or where we like to get our latest news, but spyware can cause this to be a headache. If you launch your browser and are taken to a website that you do not recognize or are unfamiliar with then it is likely that a spyware program is on your computer and needs to be removed before causing harm. The page will usually resemble a search page or sales page that is bent on getting you to use or purchase a program.

* If you do find a spyware program it is possible to remove it without having to purchase or download an anti-spyware or anti-pop-up program for the internet. Many people, for good reason, fear having to download something to correct another download. Who is to say that the same people aren’t selling the product who put it on their to begin with? You can manually remove the program, but you will have to be relentless as it sometimes takes several times to officially remove it from your system.

These are just a few of the ways that you can prevent spyware from being installed on your computer or fight the overall punishment that the program can levy. Don’t just get frustrated and quit on your computer, stay on top of what you are doing and where you are going to keep your computer healthy!

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