Proxy Server

You can find different reasons to use web proxies and proxy server services.

First, web proxies and proxy servers permit you to access the Internet in a more secure way by hiding the IP address of their , and therefore it’s enough to better preventsunauthorized access to your computer through the Internet by malicious target web sites.

Then, web proxies and proxy server services also permit you to gain access to some web sites that are normally not possible to access from some establishments like schools or work offices due to some internal security rules that block such Internet accesses.

US Proxy Server

Web proxies and proxy servers that are categorized as US web proxies and US proxy servers are able to give users access to some US web sites that are normally not correctly displayed to computers that are not connected to the Internet through a US Internet connection. So it’s more something useful for non-US Internet marketers who would be able to access ads that are normally only displayed to US citizen.

Apparently, the main reason to use US web proxies and US proxy server services is really for non-US citizen to surf correctly US web sites that only display content to US citizen.

US web sites that restrict accesses to only US users check the origin of the user by using Geo-IP to determine the IP address of the user computer and find the associated country. When a non-US user connects to a US web site through a US proxy server, the US web site will only see the US IP address of the US proxy server and never the real computer IP address of the user. It’s enough to permit non-US users to be able to view the content of any US web sites that are supposed to be restricted to US citizen only.

So in short, US web proxies and US proxy servers provide non-US citizen with a quick and easy way to access and display any US web sites as they would appear to US citizen.

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