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State of Utah

The Challenge:

Unknown threats continuously undetected by Symantec

The State of Utah had been experiencing challenges with its previous in-house Anti-virus solution from the industry’s largest provider. Malware related infections were common and manageability was daunting. . Utah has over 25,000 endpoints, with a mix of Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. According to Comodo’s Threat Labs, Utah ranks 11th out of U.S. states for hosting the most malware servers. Phil Bates, Chief Information Security Officer at the State of Utah’s Department of Technology Services, began exploring vendors for a next-generation solution that had to meet a number of criteria such as Centralized cloud-based management; delegated authority for each of their departments to manage their own devices, and layered security capabilities such as AV, FW, HIPS, Behavior Analytics, AI & Human Expert File Verdicting as well as Comodo’s patented auto-containment that provides Active Breach Protection of unknown/undetectable malicious files. The State of Utah had been a satisfied Comodo CA client for many years prior to switching to Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection solution.

“It is not very often that I have felt this positive about a collaborative effort with a partnered vendor and their level of commitment to us and making our work successful.”


The Solution:

Advanced Endpoint Protection

The State of Utah chose Comodo to migrate their cybersecurity defense and Endpoint Protection to a cloud-based solution which allowed for central management across the state, giving executives total visibility across the organization and the ability to delegate from the top, as well as enabling departments to manage their own environment and create groups within groups for more robust access and policy control at all levels. Auto-Containment was included to prevent malware infection from unknown/undetectable files, without impacting user productivity.
Additional benefits to the Comodo installation included single console patch management, remote management and monitoring, device control, layered endpoint security, and cyber inventory controls.

The Results:

Zero breaches since deployment

Ultimately, Utah replaced Symantec (last year’s Gartner upper right EPP quadrant leader) with Comodo across the entire state, encompassing 25K endpoints. Utah has experienced no infections to date on any endpoints with Comodo Auto-Containment enabled.

About Comodo

In a world where preventing all cyberattacks is impossible, Comodo Cybersecurity provides active breach protection with its cloud-delivered Cybersecurity Platform. The Comodo Cybersecurity Platform provides a zero-trust security environment that verdicts 100% of unknown files. The platform renders an almost immediate verdict on the status of any unknown file, so it can be handled accordingly by either software or human analysts. This shift from reactive to proactive is what makes Comodo Cybersecurity unique and gives us the capacity to protect your business –
from network to the web to cloud – with confidence and efficacy. Comodo has experts and analysts in 185 countries, protecting 100 million endpoints and serving 200,000 customers globally. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Comodo Cybersecurity has a 20-year history of protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers worldwide.

About Dragon Platform

Our complete cloud-native framework delivers zero trust architecture to protect & defend your endpoints. Activate breach protection for your business with the Dragon Platform. As your business evolves to take advantage of cloud computing, digital transformation, and emerging technologies, the threat landscape is also evolving making effective cybersecurity more challenging than ever. Comodo’s Dragon platform offers your business a zero-trust environment to provide breach protection for your digital evolution.

  • Protect Threat Vectors with our Zero Trust Security Posture
  • Enable Cybersecurity Solutions from our centralized cybersecurity platform
  • Eliminate alert fatigue with cloud-native architecture and threat detection

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