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Headquartered in Napa, California, eWinery Solutions provides a complete wine-industry specific software solution to help wineries around the world manage their direct-to-consumer business from the first point of contact to extended customer interaction. The company is an innovative provider of e-commerce, wine club, wine production and point-of-sale solutions and is known for providing feature rich, flexible technology and excellent service to leading wineries nationwide. In September 2014, eWinery Solutions became a member of the Granbury Solutions family, yet still operating under the successful eWinery Solutions brand today.

The eWinery Solutions business platform is the first fully integrated e-commerce platform in the wine industry to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Certification. As the wine industry’s leading integrated consumer direct business platform, the company believes it is mission critical to protect consumers’ sensitive credit card data every moment of every day. To ensure total security protection, eWinery Solutions turned to Comodo.


“There are so many unknown viruses and cyberattacks today; criminals hack into companies systems and steal their private information. As a company that works with credit cards and personal information, we needed to put an IT security system in place that would give us the ultimate protection,” said Joe Eaton, Technical Systems Manager, eWinery Solutions. “Comodo’s endpoint security management solution has been the best choice for us by far, because it protects us—and our customers—from both the known and unknown cyber threats.”

Comodo’s Endpoint Security Management software suite, which brings five layers of defense (Antivirus, Firewall, Host Intrusion Prevention, Automatic Containment and File Reputation) right to the point of impact—the desktop environment, is the optimal solution for eWinery Solutions.

Comodo’s patent-pending automatic containment technology prevents malware outbreaks by automatically running untrusted processes in an isolated environment—never allowing critical, financial and private data to be access or compromised by criminal activity.


With the features of Comodo ESM, eWinery Solutions took advantage of a centralized management console, offsite logging capabilities, and integrated intrusion prevention technology. The Comodo ESM dashboard is used by the IT team at eWinery Solutions to gain panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection and management. Administrators can also terminate endpoint processes, stop or start services, uninstall applications and delete unwanted files—all without causing any interference to the end user.

“For more than a year, we have been using Comodo ESM and we’ve never had an issue related to malware or spyware penetrating our IT environment,” said Eaton. “The Comodo ESM solution contains any outside threats and keeps them away from our critical infrastructure, while at the same time giving our IT team tremendous insight, freedom and flexibility to configure the solution in the most optimal way for us. It’s a win-win security solution for us and we are proud to use Comodo.”


Comodo’s real-time automatic threat containment technology, which is a key feature of ESM, eliminates operating system contamination by automatically running untrusted processes in an isolated environment. For IT administrators, as well as CIOs and CISOs who need to prevent data breaches, Comodo endpoint security is the only solution that offers on-device, real-time containment. Unlike legacy approaches such as blacklisting and sandboxing, it uses smart filtering to automatically contain and execute any unknown files, without negatively impacting the system performance and the user’s productivity.


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