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Today’s malware threats are designed to hack into infrastructures to steal personal information or cause massive technology and business destruction through a computer virus.

Traditional antivirus technology in the past has used blacklisting technology to try and keep malware away from penetrating an IT system.

But what if that malware file is unknown and doesn’t appear on the blacklist? Then, that malware would be allowed to pass into a system because it was unknown, it wasn’t on the blacklist. This is the challenge of legacy antivirus technologies – the inability to contain the unknown threat. Blacklisting simply cannot keep up with the 50,000 new pieces of malware developed every day —demand outpaces supply. Traditional antivirus solutions also use a ‘default-allow’ approach, which only stops recognized, blacklisted files, and focus only on detection — not prevention. This means that an unknown file that isn’t on the blacklist is allowed to pass through to the operating system and infect it. It only takes one bad file to infect a host. Using technology that recognizes and contains unknown files to prevent cyberattacks and malware penetration is now required.

Today, many small business and organizations have limited budgets and a small number of IT staffs – yet are still at risk for the same types of attacks that can hit large enterprises.

CMNetworx Securing Their Endpoints

CMNetworx is an end-to-end computer technology service firm servicing B2B and B2C clients across the state of Montana. With the influx in cyber-crime, malware and spyware, CMNetworx shifted its core services into repair, intrusion prevention, cloud conversion, compliance and troubleshooting.

With a small IT staff, CMNetworx needed a solution that would secure and centrally manage its laptops, desktops and server endpoints with minimum administrative effort – keeping those endpoints protected from malware and spyware. CMNetworx turned to Comodo for help.

“As a small business, we needed to have a reliable endpoint security management solution that can scale with us and fit within our budget – but at the same time provide leading security and protection for our endpoints without fail. Comodo Endpoint Security Manager does that for us,” said Kris Wolf, CEO and Owner, CMNetworx Computer Services. “As an IT company, we have the strictest standards and benchmarks on what third party technologies we ourselves will use – and Comodo and its Endpoint Security Management solution gave us the reliability, scalability and security we were looking for.”


Part of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection, Comodo Endpoint Security (CES) automatically traps and contains unknown files and allows them to execute in a secure, virtual container through its automatic Run-Time Threat Containment (RATC) technology.

In addition to Comodo’s RATC, which prevents zero-day malware attacks, CMNetworx is taking advantage of and realizing significant benefits from a five layer defense suite (Antivirus, Firewall, Host Intrusion Prevention, Auto-Sandbox & File Reputation) that is part of Comodo Endpoint Security – protecting right at the point of impact.

The Comodo ESM dashboard gives companies such as CMNetworx panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection and management. The interface displays critical metrics about each endpoint, facilitating rapid alerting and remediation of issues. Administrators can also terminate endpoint processes, stop or start services, uninstall applications and delete unwanted files – all without causing interference to the end-user. Comodo’s real time automatic threat containment technology eliminates malware outbreaks and operating system contamination by automatically running untrusted processes in an isolated environment.

“’Comodo’s technology has the ability to automatically contain any file that might be harmful or cause disruption to us – and contain that file automatically,” said Wolf. “There is so much malware and spam in the world today, I need to be sure that I’m using the very best technology that can automatically contain and control these threats and never have them negatively impact my IT environment. Comodo technology contains all threats – known and unknown – and keeps my IT environment secure.”


For CIOs, CISOs, and IT administrators and engineers who need to prevent data breaches, Comodo Endpoint Security is the only solution that offers on-device, real time containment.  Unlike legacy approaches such as blacklisting and sandboxing, CES uses smart filtering to automatically contain and execute unknown files, without negatively impacting the system performance and the user’s productivity.


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About Comodo

CThe Comodo organization is a global innovator and developer of cyber security solutions, founded on the belief that every single digital transaction deserves and requires a unique layer of trust and security.  Building on its deep history in SSL certificates, antivirus and endpoint security leadership, and true containment technology, individuals and enterprises rely on Comodo’s proven solutions to authenticate, validate and secure their most critical information.  With data protection covering endpoint, network and mobile security, plus identity and access management, Comodo’s proprietary technologies help solve the malware and cyber-attack challenges of today. Securing online transactions for thousands of businesses, and with more than 85 million desktop security software installations, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®.  With United States headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, the Comodo organization has offices in China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom

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