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Large and small businesses today rely on technology as a means of sharing information, conducting commerce, and collaborating both across offices as well as across geographies. The rising adoption of laptops, tablets, smartphone and a mobile workforce have only further put an emphasis – and strain – on the IT community – forcing administrators to prepare for every type of IT challenge.

However, with advanced adoption of technology comes advanced risk. Every device that connects to a company’s network now represents a potential entry point for malware. In an age of cyber terrorism, those that are looking to commit evil against a company or an individual only need a simple computer to create havoc for businesses, consumers, and individuals. Years of data, transactions, intellectual property, and competitive secrets can all be shared with the world today when one employee opens an email from their mobile phone and releases a virus. That is the risk and vulnerability of today’s networks.

No company, industry or government agency is immune to these threats. We have all seen in just this year alone, enormous breaches affecting millions of people. Small and large companies today are looking to take preventative steps to implement technologies that can protect them from zero day threats. Proactive Remote Computer Solutions in Rome, New York is one such example of a company that looked to Comodo to not only secure their endpoints, but help protect and secure the endpoints of its customers.


Proactive Remote Computer Solutions (PRCS) is a Managed Services Provider offering complete IT system management, including managed gateway solutions, networking, computer repair and endpoint security to its clients on a local and global scale.

With an experienced and growing team, PRCS needed to implement an endpoint security solution that would both secure and centrally manage its own laptops, desktops and server endpoints with minimum administrative effort – as well as have a scalable technology that it can sell and use to manage and secure its own customer’s endpoints.

“We needed a reliable endpoint security management solution that can scale with us and fit within our budget – but at the same time provide leading security and protection for our endpoints and our customer’s endpoints without fail. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection does that for us,” said Chad Barnard, CEO, Proactive Remote Computer Solutions. “We are an IT service business so our own standards for technology products we bring into our organization are extremely high – and Comodo ESM exceeded those standards with its scalability and containment differentiators.”


Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection brings seven layers of defense – antivirus, firewall, web URL filtering, host intrusion prevention, auto-sandbox (containment) and file reputation, and virus scope (behavioral analyzer) – together under a single offering for customers of all sizes, to protect them from both known and unknown threats.

Comodo’s patent-pending automatic containment technology eliminates malware outbreaks and operating system contamination by automatically running untrusted processes in a secure and isolated environment – never putting the company’s endpoints at risk.

“The unique containment technology that makes up the foundation of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is completely different than anything in the market today – focusing on prevention, not detection – and that’s what sets it apart. Also the ESM dashboard allows for panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection for both me and my customers – saving me time, money and resources – without sacrificing features or security protection.” Mr. Barnard said.

Comodo’s Real-time Automatic Threat Containment (RATC) technology – which is part of ESM – eliminates malware outbreaks and operating system contamination by automatically running untrusted processes in a secure and isolated environment.


For IT administrators, as well as CIOs and CISOs who need to prevent data breaches, Comodo endpoint security is the only solution that offers on-device, real time containment. Unlike legacy approaches such as blacklisting and sandboxing, Comodo endpoint security uses smart filtering to automatically contain and execute unknown files, without negatively impacting the system performance and the user’s productivity.


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About Comodo

The Comodo organization is a global innovator and developer of cyber security solutions, founded on the belief that every single digital transaction deserves and requires a unique layer of trust and security. Building on its deep history in SSL certificates, antivirus and endpoint security leadership, and true containment technology, individuals and enterprises rely on Comodo’s proven solutions to authenticate, validate and secure their most critical information. With data protection covering endpoint, network and mobile security, plus identity and access management, Comodo’s proprietary technologies help solve the malware and cyber-attack challenges of today. Securing online transactions for thousands of businesses, and with more than 85 million desktop security software installations, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. With United States headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, the Comodo organization has offices in China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

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Key Features and Benefits of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection:

  • Standalone containerization complements and enhances any existing security solution to block unknown files from infecting an endpoint
  • A seven layered defense suite (Antivirus, Firewall, Web URL Filtering, Host Intrusion Prevention, Auto Sandbox (Containment) and File Reputation, and Virus Scope (behavioral analyzer) built on Comodo’s Default Deny architecture
  • Deep-dive analysis of managed endpoints operation through a single click-and-dashboard view
  • Patent-pending containerization technology prevents zero-day malware attacks
  • Smart filtering to automatically contain and execute unknown files without negatively impacting system performance or user productivity
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