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Syspeace AB and Cybersecurity Leader Comodo AnnounceNew Bundle to Stave Off Sophisticated Attacks in Windows Server Environments

  Offering a total cyberattack prevention package against ransomware, malware, viruses, and brute force attacks New York, NY–April 12, 2022:- Comodo Security Solutions, a leading provider of endpoint protection solutions, and Syspeace, a world forerunner in cyber hacking prevention software have announced a global partnership where the companies are offering a complete cybersecurity bundle which will provide total protection to end-users, enterprises and data centers alike. Catching and neutralizing a brute force attack in progress is excellent, but preventing an attack from happening in the first place is even better. “We are excited to be working with industry leader Comodo and have the opportunity to sell as a bundle the Comodo Endpoint protection security solutions along with our Syspeace server protection module which includes our real-time blocklist to the global market,” said Hakan Andersson, CEO of Syspeace. “With this partnership in place, Syspeace is now able to offer a powerful, complete, and robust cyber protection package to all of its customers.” Completing the bundle is Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) solution which isolates unknown malware, preventing zero damage to any system. Blending together these world-class security technologies provides businesses with an offering that empowers them to take control of cyber risks before impacting their company,” stated Douglas Bailey, executive vice president, of Alliances and Business Development. An industry first, the bundle is available through Syspeace.

About Syspeace

The first version of Syspeace was created in 2012 and has served customers 24/365 ever since. To Date, ten years of battle-tested performance has prevented more than 100 million hacking attacks. We are committed to making an excellent product and delivering world-class global support. For more information visit

About Comodo

Headquartered in Bloomfield, NJ, Comodo’s mission is to help customers avoid breaches with groundbreaking isolation technology that fully neutralizes ransomware, zero-day malware, and cyber-attacks that other security providers can’t do. We deliver active breach prevention with patented auto containment technology. Our Unified Endpoint integrates this technology with critical components like our highly rated advanced endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, and endpoint management to offer a single cloud-accessible Active Breach Protection solution. Comodo’s SOC-as-a-Service team makes the solution a frictionless, high-security implementation. For more information, visit
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